Kid Cudi & Jeremy Piven cover Complex

Chalk another striking cover to Complex with Kid Cudi and Jeremy Piven donning their June/July issue in advance of the Entourage Movie this week. In the film, Cudi will be playing Ari Gold’s assistant so it’s cool to see their dynamic pushed out in a big way as a unique part of all the Entourage promotion.

On top of that, the cover story is a nice read too as they explore their odd couple dynamic, their mutual respect, and creative passions. I particularly like how level-headed they are, stressing patience and not to take things personally in business, or in life. So this interview is a gem for its relatable substance and I suggest you hit the link for the full read. (Plus, did you know Piven is a big Biggie fan?)

Here’s a little bit of an excerpt where Kid Cudi first starts talking about music.

KC: Nowadays, anyone can make some shit in their room. It’s easy to make shit. You don’t even need a keyboard now. People make beats, become an artist overnight, and it’s like, “Where’s the hard work?” I remember me and Dot Da Genius sitting for hours, me being on him about the mix for “Day ’n’ Nite,” being like, “It’s not right. We want people to take us seriously.” We listened to Dr. Dre’s beats. We listened to Timbaland’s kicks and drums. Kanye shit—we needed to sound as professional as that. We didn’t have shit, but we approached it with professionalism. I approached it like, “We have to be over-the-top good.” I don’t think kids have that nowadays. They just throw some shit out there, throw some auto-tune on it, like, “I don’t need anybody to tell me if I’m in key. I don’t need anybody with me that has any musical ear at all.”

JP: But the music industry, isn’t it breeding that?

KC: Yeah. But for me, it works. Like, yes, keep doing all the shit you guys are doing, because all I’m going to do is the right thing, and I’m going to end up looking like the genius. Just doing what I’m supposed to do. Fucking making music. Playing the drums or playing the bass. And I hate playing the bass, bro. I’ve been playing the bass because it’s there and I don’t want anyone else to play it. I also feel like I’m at the tail end of an era. I’m the oldest. Me and J. Cole.

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