Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown @ iHeartRadio Pool Party

I literally just landed from Las Vegas as the keen reader already knows if they saw our snapchat @gowherehiphop 😉

But that said, I wasn’t able to catch Nicki and Chris Brown in person at the iHeartRadio Pool Party that took place at Caesar’s Palace last night. Ironically, I was in Caesar’s that night for dinner though, ha.

Anyway, we can all relive their performances with a rip of the live stream below, including Nicki’s new songs and guests David Guetta and Babe Rexha. I got a tip that Chris Brown was actually sick all night and arrived at his afterparty spot at Drais Nightclub after this performance at… 10pm! Not his scheduled late night performance at 1 or 2 in the morning, but right away! He still came through and the club thanked him for at least making the effort and following thru with some sort of performance so it was an early surprise for those who hit Drais early. Also the first time in history a hip hop/R&B artist has started ahead of his/her scheduled start time.