FKA Twigs covers Complex

The latest evocative cover from Complex comes one day after their latest with Kid Cudi & Jeremy Piven as FKA Twigs joins in as the dual stars for the June/July issue.

With it comes a new interactive cover story, per usual with a couple tidbits below and the full read here. Needless to say, but I’m looking forward to Twigs’ next project, EP3, which is talked about a lot in the story.

She explains her issue with the ubiquitous “alternative R&B” label assigned to her music by the media: “It’s a little bit because of how I look. Maybe if I looked differently, then people would be like, ‘Oh, I can hear these classical sounds in her voice.’”

“It’s not that I don’t want to be called R&B, but there are lots of other things, as well. So let’s talk about everything.”

The “everything” includes, yes, some R&B-esque melody structures, but also hard, hip-hop inspired drums, avant-garde electronic production, and field recordings (she mentions recording the click of a hotel key card and, later via Boots, water dripping from a toilet). Though her vocals on LP1 were more whispery and choral, on EP3 she plays with pitching her voice higher, like on the hooks of “Glass & Patron” and “In Time.”

“I try and make it as visceral as possible,” she says when asked about her vocal and production choices. “I want people to hear the sinews in the drums and the clicking sounds. I want it to feel physical, like it’s in your body, because that’s how I feel.”

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