Apple announces new streaming service

UPDATE: Kanye West and Apple have been talking about bringing the exclusive release of his upcoming album SWISH to the streaming service. No deal has been reached, but with Kanye distancing himself from Tidal since its release, there is reason to speculate. (via Buzzfeed).


Today was Apple’s annual summer keynote #WWDC15 and coming with it is the announcement of iOS 9, the “El Capitan” operating system for the computers, and the highly expected announcement of their new streaming service.

The deets: FREE for 3 months. $9.99/month after that (standard, and unlike TIDAL’s high prices.) Available June 30th, you can stream any song on iTunes on demand, create your own playlists, and listen to a 24/7 radio station anchored by Ebro in New York and Zane Lowe in L.A. amongst others.

Artists, like Drake and Pharrell who reportedly signed up with Apple’s streaming service, will be involved in the new ‘Connect’ feature where they will exclusively release music and videos. In fact, Drake was on hand in Cupertino (above), hinting that he’ll be using Apple Music in his plans for releasing his hotly anticipated album, Views From The 6. Nice jacket too, bro.

// Music though seems more promising than Tidal, to be honest. But note too that this is coming from an Apple loyalist who has iTunes and music on the iPhone as his preferred players. I’m OCD on organizing my music library so I just never strayed from iTunes. Now, I may finally commit to paying a monthly fee for a streaming service, especially if Apple follows through on supporting the artists who are making music out their bedroom, as mentioned in the commercial below. After all, gotta listen to the indie artists we always have on rotation here on Gowhere as part of my stream service experience. We shall see come June 30th.



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