Halley Hiatt “On & On” (Erykah Badu Cover)

There’s a whole new generation out there that may not be familiar with Erykah Badu’s 1997 Grammy-winning song “On & On” so let’s thank Halley Hiatt for reviving it with this dope new cover and visual to accompany it above.

Hiatt sings the notes with an easy flow, a voice that’s similar yet different than Badu’s, and inspires in the visual by showcasing some┬áNYC culture. She tells NYLON:

1997 was a very influential year for me musically. I still get a lot of my inspiration from that era in R&B/Hip-hop even though it gets farther away from me. Rodney’s beat took me back to the times where I’d get together with friends to just watch music videos on MTV and BET.

Very cool. And very well-done. Watch above and remember one of the many gems of the lyrics below.

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned.