Usher performs National Anthem at Game 4

This deserves its own spotlight. Superstar artist (and minority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers) Usher was Game 4’s big-name musical guest to put their twist on the National Anthem.

When it was airing, it actually pulled me away from my computer and I was drawn in by Usher’s vocals and the fans holding up the red, white, and blue cards to create an epic visual teased in the photo above and on display in the background of the performance below. Watch this and get patriotic on this Friday!

Some bonus thoughts on the game itself:

– This series finally feels like it makes sense. The Warriors finally had their good offensive game (and it could be better) and it was all propelled by Steve Kerr’s masterful lineup change with Andre Iguodala in the starting lineup for Andrew Bogut. Great team win for the Warriors with literally everyone on the supporting cast contributing.

– LeBron and Delly looked exhausted as the game wore on. Could the series and depth finally be catching up to James?

– Warriors in 6 now? In 7 at least. This was the most definitive win of the series. After watching that, and considering the fatigue and depth should only favor the Warriors going forward, plus the Oracle crowd, I like Golden State bringing the ship to the Bay (my Warriors in 5 prediction is long gone, but hey.)

– I still haven’t stopped smiling after JR Smith’s entrance.

– And exit.

UPDATE: Not NBA Finals or Usher related, but NBA and hip hop related and also happening yesterday — Swaggy P plays “Iggy or Kobe?” in a game of rap lyrics on SportsNation. I especially love the plot twist at the end.