Real T@lk: The @AuthentikMade Resumé (Volume One)

The What: a beat tape! (plus one song!)

The Why: My brother from another mother, George “Authentik Made” Jackson III plays seven live instruments and sings, he produces beats as well and I am a huge fan of his work. Here’s a tribute compilation of his work showcasing various sampling and instrumentation techniques he used with Fruity Loops, Adobe Audition, Logic and Acid early on in his music career along with the original samples tacked on the end of the instrumentals. Some of these, he created almost 10 years ago. This beat tape is my gesture of appreciation for his production. Enjoy!

-Real T@lk

What a nice gesture that benefits all hip hop heads, whether you’re from the hometown like Real T@lk and Authentik Made, or not.

This is a really ear-pleasing soundtrack, perfect for work or chill mode, and featuring a pleasantly surprising amount of singing that always comes correct. I’ve been a longtime fan and follower to the soul and depth that Authentik Made and his frequent collaborator Real T@lk has put out to the people and this ‘Resumé’ is a stellar stand-alone that also just scratches the surface. Listen below, and explore more as I personally await more Volumes just like this.