Linsanity 2.0 – Redefining Success

I’ve been a long subscriber to Jeremy Lin’s few and far between YouTube videos. The man is understandably busy, but I always appreciate when he puts in the time to put out a quality production, whether it’s a hilarious comedy skit or a motivational, spiritual, and personal look at himself.

This week’s newest video falls in the latter category.

Simply put, this video speaks to anyone who feels that the obstacles in front of them are winning. That the hard work isn’t paying off. For anyone who feels doubt creeping in.

You see, Jeremy has felt the same. Simply because he hasn’t been the same in his career since Linsanity with this past season with the Lakers probably his most inconsistent year of his last three. Because Lin’s been open about his struggles this season, that were also evident in his on-court confidence at times, I knew this story. That’s why his narration carries so much weight… and that’s on top of this intense and fun-looking beach workout.

Lin always ends with a Bible verse and this one hit home to me too. The video concludes to work harder than ever before and trust the process and God. This grounds the motivating video even more.

(Oh, and “Linsanity 2.0”?! Is Lin embracing the Linsanity moniker after the past few years of rejecting it? I think that would only help his mojo as he finds a new team this summer.)

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