Fort Minor “Welcome”

One of the few rap returns that will have me drop what I’m doing, text whoever I know is a fan, and listen immediately is the return of Fort Minor.

Mike Shinoda surprises everyone with the comeback single “Welcome” under his rap solo name Fort Minor. I loved his lone album, The Rising Tied, so much in November ’05 that it was one of my most played albums through 2006. One of my high school soundtracks, for sure.

10 years later, we have “Welcome”, which he says he wanted to hear people right now and is not part of a new album. That’s fine, maybe an album will come sometime, maybe not, but I really vibe with Shinoda following his heart here, as expressed in this note that came with the free download of “Welcome” on

The song itself is instantly engaging and Shinoda is always that and easy to understand. I feel a lot of us can relate to the lyrics and I especially rock with the chorus, both lyrically and sonically. This will continue to grow, especially as I see it with the visual below.

It’s like a real-life video game as Shinoda is pixelated throughout a pixelated L.A., seen through the lens of a 360 style video game camera. It’s well-executed and only adds to the depth of the song. Needless to say, this *Tibs Fav. is easily worth your eyes and ears below. And hopefully, more Fort Minor to come this summer.