Miguel ‘Wildheart’ (Album Stream)

NPR is at it again today, with the Vince Staples stream and now the Miguel stream ahead of June 30th schedule.

I was particularly looking forward to Miguel’s new album, Wildheart, and after one spin already it does not disappoint. I’ve always loved how Miguel incorporates hard, electric guitars in his sound and that’s pretty heavy throughout the album. Sure enough, it’s well-executed too.

Thankfully for me, I enjoyed a lot of the non-previewed records like “A beautiful exit”, “what’s normal anyway”, and “leaves”, especially being in California right now for the last one. In fact, this is a great sound for the summer featuring some bedtime cuts mixed in with some sunny, windows-down jams. Lenny Kravitz and Kurupt are the only features so Miguel carries this the whole way. And no doubt this will be in heavy rotation beyond today/through the entire summer.

Stream Miguel ‘Wildheart’ at NPR here