Goodbye Tomorrow “Pray 2 God”

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When people ask me what artist from Chicago they should be checking for, I tell them Goodbye Tomorrow. With no hesitation. And if they have their phone out, I tell them to hit the Instagram and YouTube. If they’re at the comp, then the blistering Windows 95 inspired website:

And that was just off the first two releases: JAY Z and 100K.

Now, we have Goodbye Tomorrow’s third release, and second video: “Pray 2 God”.

The title resonates right away and is driven home from the very start as a high-pitched vocal repeats “Pray 2 God” for what becomes the chorus. A brooding production is bolstered by an eerie opera and the result is a sound as powerful and parallel with Kanye & Hov’s “H*A*M”. One layer of the beat even has a frenetic melody that matches the whirlwind of emotion heard on the verses and illustrated at times in the visual. I can imagine hearing this melody and the airplane downward spiral sound in my head during my own times of feeling overwhelmed. Just a cool subtlety in a song and visual full of them.

This visual tho…

It stars a familiar face throughout: another Chicago artist, Yasmine — 0.5 of the superstar EDM/punk/pop sister duo Krewella. She downright looks haunted, both before and after “God Mode activated”. Interpret that as you may as this trippy visual will leave you trying to put together what you just saw. It’s one of those videos you’ll watch again (and pause numerous times) to understand the path of Yasmine, how it relates to the song, and how it relates to U:


The bonus goodie is that, with the video only featuring the first verse and clocking in at a quick-hitting 2 minutes, Goodbye Tomorrow’s Soundcloud has the full version on top of the song being available on iTunes and Spotify. Press play below and hear the second rap verse, which features a slick, personal nod to Krewella and a couple lines alluding to the rapper’s past.

Instant *TIBS FAV. with the beautiful sound, aesthetics, and motivating words blending together to bring Goodbye Tomorrow to 3 for 3. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what other songs and visuals are on deck this summer for the mystery Chicago artist.

h/t i-D x VICE on the premiere