Mike Posner “Be As You Are”

Mike Posner’s comeback is already a successful one as his new Truth EP features him at his most personal and vulnerable with a stripped down acoustic sound to perfectly match.

One of the standouts is “Be As You Are”, which inspires you to be yourself and rise through your struggles. Mike reflects on times he cried to his mother in the track. In the video, he takes things another level.

Posner and a diverse cast rip apart the stigmas society places on them “bum”, fat”, “whore”, “thug”, etc. and they powerfully rip off their own clothes (NSFW) and frolic into the ocean water. In fact, one by one this stirs up a pretty moving image and drives home the message of the song… to well, “Be As You Are”. Awesome video, Mike. It’s already inspiring.

*Tibs Fav.