Big Sean ‘Focus’ (Vlog)

You are what you focus on.

True words, amongst many true words, in the latest vlog from Big Sean titled Focus.

This one’s another level of inspiring (not to discount is other inspiring vlogs) as Big Sean narrates the video, speaking on manifesting your goals, staying focused, realizing when you’re not doing something that makes you feel good or happy, and resetting your focus if you feel like it’s off. His example of wanting a new car is perfect and overall, this is right in line with many a talks I’ve had with Gowhere co-founder Maks G that’s also embodied in Indigo Minute.

Me personally? I really resonate with everything Sean describes here so watch it and you’ll immediately be swept up in focusing on this approach (no pun intended.) And hey, cameos from Kanye, Diddy, Jhene Aiko, and Chris Brown will likely keep your attention too. Shouts to Sean for delivering yet again with this new vlog.

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