First Impressions with Apple Music

As you probably know by now, yesterday was launch day for Apple Music — Apple’s new music streaming service that promises to compete with Spotify, Tidal, and the like. This move intrigues me even more than Tidal did because millionaire artists aren’t talking about fair/unfair royalties I’m a user of iTunes since the beginning. I’m ready for the next evolution of Apple’s music and so far… first impressions are good.

The thing that immediately attracted me to the service was its design. I think they struck an overall great balance of not cluttering home screens with a bevy of options, but also hitting us with the feature new songs or albums for instance. This comes from an Apple loyalist, but that has always started with the design. No exception here.

For me, I loved having My Music already synched up and though I have to figure out how to add more with my iCloud storage too, it’ll be a great backup if I’m traveling and unable to pick up Wi-Fi. I ran into that issue yesterday. It still worked while I was walking around but once I changed back and forth to My Music, I lost the ability to stream.

As far as detractors, there wasn’t anything that I won’t be able to figure out more or get used to in general. I keep running into trouble adding songs to ‘My Music’ with the same iCloud prompt saying I need to turn the settings on (I had done it already.) There was a section highlighting independent artists and I hope that continues to be seen prominently throughout some of the Apple Music curated channels. Mix ’em in more! The hip hop channel was current (Jidenna’s Kendrick Lamar remix came up both times I flipped it on) but it was all mainstream artists. One more: Connect takes a little bit to get used to beyond following artists. The curve to getting used to it though shouldn’t be too steep.

Finally, you’re going to want to make sure your Auto-Renew option is off. You had to enter your credit card info before launching Apple Music and choose a plan ($9.99 individual, $14.99 family). Simply hit the button in the top left, pull up your account/preferences (where you can add an image) and you’ll find the option to do so. This will walk you through it. I set it the auto-renew off so I wouldn’t forget, but after an overall great first day, I think I’ll be sliding back that option to the green. What did you think of Apple Music? @gowherehiphop