50 Cent on Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen & Jacoby is flat out one of my favorite podcasts out.

Now that we’re in the heat of summer and a natural lull in major sports, namely basketball and football that they cover, Jalen & Jacoby will be producing special pods for the foreseeable future.

What a way to kick it off with this 45 minute sit-down with 50 Cent.

They cover a variety of topics — the timely promo for Southpaw, 50’s starring role and EP credit on Power, and being in the headlines in the wake of his bankruptcy news on Monday (which, he’s not really bankrupt… just a business move to not spend more money.)

Music-wise, the trio discuss a lot too. 50 shouts out Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, and Adam Levine for various moments, movements, and songs of theirs. He also talks about his favorite diss track (a classic) and analyzes how the content for many of these street anthems turned radio hits (like “Trap Queen”, “CoCo”, “Hot N****” is much more aggressive now. This leads to some priceless advice for new artists: “they need to be street team marketing.” The music portion of the talk starts at the 25 minute mark if you’re in a rush. There’s an Eminem story at the 38 minute mark too. Otherwise, just press play, let it run, and enjoy! 50’s mature mentality is somethin we can all find pieces from too so be sure to lend a close ear.


“Everytime something happens…journalist will write it one way, then they will write it another. Of course the negative way goes first because it travels fast. When you look at the news, 90% of what you see is negative and then it’s work for them to put the good stuff in there. Because of legal issues, I can’t really get into the depths of it.”

“We live in a period where the lines are getting blurred between what a star is vs. a celebrity. Those platforms are so effective that they could be earning the same, so they can maneuver and have publicists to put them in position where they appear to be as big as the artist…In all my travels, I try to analyze why people are so passionate about Americans and it’s because they can’t see the separation between the bricks in the projects and the red bricks in a high-rise condo. So it looks like America is the better option no matter what.”