More new NBA uniforms revealed

Ah, the year of NBA uni leaks continues.

Last night, this leaked image of the NBA catalogue showcases more new uniforms that have yet to be revealed — namely some new alternates and “Pride” threads that are all very interesting to say the least. I’m sure Houston fans will appreciate the Clutch City unis. The orange OKC alternate jersey jumps out to me and looks pretty flames from the grainy first impression (so does the unknown team next to them…) One more jersey that’s hidden: Milwaukee has an alternate jersey and it looks like it explodes the new logo on black. *sigh* There goes my dream of the “lake blue” alternates, but I still can hope for 2016.

Plus, you also get a look at the Hardwood Classics promised on select dates as the Warriors’ classic “The City” throwbacks will assuredly be a hit on top of yesterday’s Hickory High threads that are definitely a hit. Also a hit: and to bring it back to the hometown, the Bulls with the MJ rookie jerseys. That’s probably my favorite NBA jersey I own. Gotta love “Chicago” in cursive. Squint up above and study for the ones I didn’t mention as well.