Kanye West “All Day/I Feel Like That”

UPDATE: Sure enough, shortly after posting time, the video was taken down. ¯_()_/¯

Yesterday at LACMA, while Kanye West was performing “Put On” with Young Jeezy in Atlanta (below), his Steve McQueen directed visual for “All Day” + the new song “I Feel Like That” was projected to museum-goers. Of course, one crafty individual managed to record the entire thing in HD with HQ audio as well.

This is my first time sitting with the “All Day” visuals (the quality of the French premiere wasn’t doin’ it for me) and I gotta say there’s definitely some chaotic and powerful moments that McQueen captures of ‘Ye getting hyped in a small room. Did it work for the entire song though? I would have loved to see ‘Ye just zone out in this setting for the “Get low” part and stay zen… pretty much like in the live performance.

Where it works best is the transition into “I Feel Like That” and so the build-up of the high energy in “All Day” cools down with the emotional new record. Kanye sits down against a wall in the same room and mouths the lyrics to the camera. Unfortunately, it’s hard to decipher much of what Kanye is singing aside from the song title but it seems like it describes emotions like loneliness or being unmotivated. And therefore it feels like a song that the world needs asap. I hope we hear a studio quality soon to really take it in properly.

And because the live performance still reigns king…

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