Miguel ‘Crazy Enough’ (Mini-Doc)

This is a treat for Miguel fans.

8 years ago in 2007, he linked up with a company called Yours, Truly to do a follow-around documentary, chronicling the singer/songwriter’s come-up in his native Los Angeles. Today, he sat down with the same crew to reflect on what he said back in 07.

For most watching for instance, you may not have known that Miguel’s parents divorced when he was growing up and he became the man of the house. His words back then and his reflection of that today are both pretty profound. And wow, does he look younger back then or what?!

By the end though, it all comes back to the namesake of the mini-doc — Miguel taking his father’s advice to do whatever he wanted and being ‘crazy enough’ to do it. Watch above and also treat yourself to the young Miguel singing some a capellas.