Goodbye Tomorrow announces debut album

UPDATE: The album art is now revealed above, as well as the tracklist at the bottom!


Goodbye Tomorrow: A Journey Through the Mind of a Non-Believer.

What a title… a self-title, in fact, for the mysterious Chicago collective to make their official debut through Rostrum Records in just 9 days.

Given the depth of GT’s visuals thus far, I would expect to uncover more of the same when the album hits in full. There’s already been connections to past releases within a new release so I don’t see why that wouldn’t continue come August 14th.

For example, this announcement is the code from the artwork (click the link) of Goodbye Tomorrow’s new song last week, “NoOne or NoThing” featuring Lil Herb, AJTTMOANB matches with the album title and the MS paint file reads 08.14. Nice. Lookin’ forward to a new release before the album drops then! In the meantime…

UPDATE: Whoa, follow the @goodbyetomorrow snapchat. They revealed the tracklist there by graffiting each song name around Chicago, a la the photo above.

Now they also revealed it online in GIF form here: