Yasiin Bey clarifies battle challenge

So that open rap battle challenge from yasiin Bey yesterday… that was quickly accepted by Lupe Fiasco and got rap fans clammoring for a next-level back and forth in the wake of Meek Mill and Drake… that open rap battle challenge… was meant to be private talk. Kinda like locker room talk off the record.

“I stand behind the statement,” yasiin Bey tells Ferrari Sheppard in a new interview, “but, at the same time, I’m not trying to arrange some sort of exhibition. I see certain people, I have an opinion about them. It’s a private opinion made public, I will say again, without my knowledge or permission or consent. So, that’s a violation.”

According to Bey himself, those initially private remarks were simply meant to make a valid point about the current Gladiator atmosphere of the public’s self-fueled desires for continually escalating feuds. “We are the only culture that this atmosphere has been constructed around,” says Bey. “Some of that is self-perpetuated, but all of it is not self-inflicted. It’s threatening to turn the whole thing, or a fair portion of the thing, into some gladiator tournament.”

This basically means yasiin Bey vs. Lupe Fiasco won’t happen. And no matter if this is a convoulted way for Mos to backpedal, it’s just unfortunate as a fan. Would love to see this as a skillful competition/art form. I’ll give credit to Bey’s comments in the last paragraph though, that is something to think about for our hip hop culture.

UPDATE: Here’s Lupe hearing the news on IG.

WHAT DA WHATTTT???? Oh well…It would have been glorious…I was so excited too…back to the cave #WellBoggleMeGiblets©

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