Dr. Dre & Ice Cube cover RollingStone

The timing’s impeccable as Dr. Dre & Ice Cube don the cover of the new RollingStone. (That’s one way of getting an audience upset at Kim Kardashian’s clevage donning the last cover, but I digress…)

In a few snippets posted today, Dre reveals one more tidbit on why Detox wasn’t completed and why he’s always in the shadows. Read the rest here.

I had between 20 and 40 songs for Detox and I just couldn’t feel it. Usually I can hear the sequence of an album as I’m going, but I wasn’t able to do that. I wasn’t feeling it in my gut. So I really thought I was done being an artist.

Dr. Dre reveals the real reason he can come off as a distant figure.
“I have social anxiety,” he says. “I don’t like being in the spotlight, so I made a fucking weird career choice.” He laughs. “That’s the reason for my mystique and why I’m so secluded and why everybody knows nothing about me. I think it added to the character in the movie because people get a chance to see behind the curtain.”