Cloud@Last ‘Neverlasting’

Cloud@Last delivers the latest must-have project this month. 

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the debut album, Neverlasting, with each preview and outside release from the NYC duo this summer. Safe to say MaxX and Milo put it down across the 10 tracks below.

The continuity is key in this fusion of electronic and chillwave sounds. The latter is genre is what I’d classify this as because it’s the perfect soundtrack for, well, chilling, but also working or deep thought and contemplation. The vocals hit the right balance and tell lady-centric stories so you may draw parallels there too. It’s about the overall sound first and foremost and I was really into it from Track 02 onward.

In my top-tier of individual singles is “Thundercats” and “Devotion” (a great way to end it) but press play and let it stream from beginning to end because Neverlasting is meant for that more. And no doubt this will last in my rotation for a long time. Big ups to Cloud@Last for the release of their debut album. I have no doubt more success, fandom, and good tunes will follow suit.

*Tibs Fav.