Krewella settles lawsuit with Rain Man, talks women in EDM with Forbes

In a new sitdown with Forbes on the set of their new music video for “Somewhere To Run”, the sisters of Krewella not only share their behind the scenes approach to the no-budget video, but also reveal that they’re lawsuit drama with Rain Man is now settled: numbers disclosed. It’s great that that chapter is behind them with “Say Goodbye” being the deepest Krewella has addressed it in either song or interview.

You can also see Jahan and Yasmine talk about the stereotypes of being women in EDM and the music industry, which unfortunately came at them viciously in the wake of the lawsuit news last September.

Watch/read the full piece here.

“It’s important to recognize that there is still certain stereotypes,” said Jahan, 25. “There are so many rumors that go around still–if there’s a woman that’s successful it’s because… she slept with this person or she bought her way into this rather than her just having talent.”

“We need to change the dialogue to make it OK for women to try the same exact things that men are,” said Yasmine, 23. “I think in time you’ll see an equal amount of women on these lineups.”