Drake performs new verse at J. Cole’s Forest Hills Tour

Last night, Drake AND Jay Z were surprise guests for the last stop of J. Cole’s Forest Hills Tour. One video that’s sweeping the web today is a high quality capture of Drake’s cameo that featured “Know Yourself”, a small new set of bars spit a capella, and “Back 2 Back”. Diggin’ the energy and some of the creative, and personal lines telling more about what Drizzy is going through. I can’t relate, but dang, can only imagine, haha: “Paternity tests are from women I never slept with. I’m legally obligated if they request it.”

I mentioned Jay Z… just photos but here’s him on stage with both Cole and Big Sean.



And ICYMI: Here’s Drizzy performing at the 1st annual Lil Weezyana Fest in N’awlins on Friday night. The one where TIDAL had to blackout Drake’s performance because Apple Music would have sued.