Beyonce Made In America (Recap)

Last night, Queen Bey had everyone in Philly and social media buzzing with a thrilling 90 minute performance that closed down Made In America Fest: Day 1.

Here are a few highlights.

She quoted a powerful Ronda Rousey speech that led into “Diva”. This clip has made its rounds…

Hubby Jay Z was spotted emphatically singing “1 + 1” in the crowd. A. That’s awesome. #MarriageGoals. B. Wait, how does Jay Z arrive at the decision to watch it from the crowd. C. Do those fans know it’s him through the hood? Would love to be Hov there just stealthly going in amongst the masses. Cool to see.

One more clip and photos, including Beyonce’s sexy one-piece nod to the star of her hometown team: James Harden (who acknowledged it). I guess now’s not the best time to be repping Derrick. :-/

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