Jean Watts Is Back With Two New Singles “Feel The Same” and “Evicted”!

Jean Watts is back with pink hair and a new sound that gives you all the feels. “Feel The Same” & “Evicted” have a similar vibe, and progress from one to the other like two chapters in a story. The first single “Feel The Same” is like that part of a relationship where things are stuck, and you know that something major has to change. Then “Evicted” is the reality of that change where you’re left with yourself, feeling the empty space that was once something positive.

The “Feel The Same” music video above really adds visually to the overall message of breaking free from the stuck, unnatural, and limiting patterns that keep us down. The old car is like a metaphor for what’s really old and not working in our lives. There comes a point where we literally have to bust through the windows, and throw a Molotov cocktail to burn it all to the ground.. because we’re done feeling the same stuck energy over and over again. It’s an empowering and numbing feeling at the same time.

“Evicted” feels a bit more sad, because it’s the aftermath from setting fire to the old, and then reminiscing of all the good memories it had. I like this holographic-esque video for its clean simplicity. It really illustrates that glitchy transformation period that happens in solitude after we’ve been evicted from something that we once loved. “Evicted” is a space of re-definition that begins a new chapter for us to evolve into something greater.

Both singles have great production by @infbuckets “Feel The Same” and @Macgregorleo “Evicted”, which give Jean a melancholic yet empowered backdrop to her full and soulful melodies. I’m happy to hear Jean’s sound evolve and mature over the years, and am looking forward to the next chapter of this story. Stay tuned @JeanWatts!


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