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Prince ‘HITNRUN (Phase One)’ (Album Stream)

New Prince for your Labor Day. Perfect way to wind it down, huh? Hope you got TIDAL, the stream is there below.

10. 1000 X’S & O’S
11. JUNE

Stream: Prince ‘HITNRUN (Phase One)’ here

Add-2 ‘Prey For The Poor’

Sure, you may be up on Rodeo this weekend, but the album that you should let settle for Labor Day Weekend and beyond is courtesy of Chicago’s own Add-2.

His Jamla Records debut is out now on iTunes and Spotify — the cleverly titled Prey For The Poor.

14 tracks featuring labelmates Rapsody, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, and more. I’ll be sittin’ with the lyrics from one of Chicago’s most insightful writers and deliverers.

Having personally posted many of his new projects and freestyles over the years, it’s great to see today’s landmark release. Salutations! And stream above!

The Weeknd ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ (Album Stream)

UPDATE: Stream the album officially here:


08.21.15: It’s here a week early as The Weeknd’s new LP, Beauty Behind The Madness, hits the interwebs and can be heard (for now) below.

Right off the bat, there’s an 80s pop vibe with electric guitar and even some horns on the production as we hear Weeknd sing on lighter topics over the lighter moods. It’s more towards “Earned It” than “Can’t Feel My Face” at the beginning, then followed up by previous singles “Often” and “The Hills”.

From there, the album continues to mix Weeknd’s dark, signature moods but very seldomly and only in elements. There’s more of a traditional R&B/pop sound with more MJ-esque slow jams to follow. More 80s rock/pop elements are prevalant too, including more from the electric guitar. The Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran collabs back to back were both solid, but it was “In The Night” that jumped to the top tier of my album favorites. Just off first impression, it’s easily a progression in Weeknd’s overall sound and it’s going to take more listens to see if it impacts for me the same way his past albums have immensely.

Give it your own first listen below.

Follow-Up on “In The Night” via the NYT interview:

For Tesfaye, ‘‘In the Night’’ was the sort of compromise he was excited to make, a glistening surface salving the wounds that are his stock in trade. When he first played the song for Ron Perry, the president of Songs Music Publishing, which handles Tesfaye’s publishing, Perry couldn’t contain himself: ‘‘It’s ‘Billie Jean’! It’s ‘Billie [expletive] Jean’!’’

Couldn’t agree more, and I think that’s why I like it so much. Billie Jean might be my favorite MJ tune if I had to pick one.

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Cloud@Last ‘Neverlasting’

Cloud@Last delivers the latest must-have project this month. 

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the debut album, Neverlasting, with each preview and outside release from the NYC duo this summer. Safe to say MaxX and Milo put it down across the 10 tracks below.

The continuity is key in this fusion of electronic and chillwave sounds. The latter is genre is what I’d classify this as because it’s the perfect soundtrack for, well, chilling, but also working or deep thought and contemplation. The vocals hit the right balance and tell lady-centric stories so you may draw parallels there too. It’s about the overall sound first and foremost and I was really into it from Track 02 onward.

In my top-tier of individual singles is “Thundercats” and “Devotion” (a great way to end it) but press play and let it stream from beginning to end because Neverlasting is meant for that more. And no doubt this will last in my rotation for a long time. Big ups to Cloud@Last for the release of their debut album. I have no doubt more success, fandom, and good tunes will follow suit.

*Tibs Fav.

Talib Kweli ‘Fuck The Money’ (Free Album)

If pursuit of the money is your only goal, then you lose control then you lose your soul.

– Talib Kweli

I don’t think I need to write anything other than “Talib Kweli” to readers of this site to click and download, but definitely if I add “Free Album” next to it too.

Or perhaps Fuck The Money which is the name of said free album. I vibe with the attitude here, and the lyric that embodies the album on the title track below.

The album has a familiar set of guest names like Miguel and Chicago’s Patrick Stump on the same track, Ab-Soul, and even Kaytranada producing a track. You can peep the full tracklist below and head over to for the FREE download. It’s a quick sign-up, and the email will come through shortly after, so make that move now and add this to quite the week of awesome new albums/projects. (Commentary + recap coming this weekend too…)

1. GRATITUDE – Produced by Thanks Joey for Colours Of The Culture.
2. LESLIE NOPE – Produced by Amadeus for Platinum Boy Music.
3. NICE THINGS – Produced by Amadeus for Platinum Boy Music.
4. ECHOES – featuring Miguel & Patrick Stump – Produced by Farhot for Hitspot Music.
5. FUCK THE MONEY – featuring Casper Nyovest – Produced by Farhot for Hitspot Music.
6. FALL BACK – featuring Styles P & Nire – Produced by Amadeus for Platinum Boy Music.
7. HE SAID SHE SAID – Produced by Farhot for Hitspot Music.
8. BUTTERFLY – featuring Steffanie Christi’an – Produced by Kaytranada.
9. BABY GIRL – featuring Kendra Ross – Produced by Abhi//Dijon.
10. THE VENETIAN – featuring NIKO IS & Ab-Soul – Produced by The Alchemist.
11. MONEY GOOD – Produced by Amadeus for Platinum Boy Music.

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