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A couple of Big Sean classics on his birthday

“One of the most important quotes I live by is ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ Dreams are so important. Without dreams, you got nothing.” — Big Sean (2010)

GY, one of our OG #TeamGowhere members you all know as @GY312, is out in L.A. with us and today we were rappin’ on some old music, which then turned into a reminiscing rabbit hole of our old interviews… which then led us to this. “Living Our Dreams (Memories)”, one of our all-time favorite documentary style cuts shot by the Emmy-winning Cam Be and doubling as one of GY’s first interviews with us at GWHH.

We caught up with Big Sean, post-Finally Famous 3, but pre-Finally Famous the debut album. It was late 2010 and his G.O.O.D. Music buzz was peaking in such a way on the internet that it manifested into reality at Reggie’s Rock Club on Chicago’s south side.

Funny enough, our organic recollecting also led us to our trip to Austin for SXSW in 2012. A year and a half later, the three of us: GY, Cam, and I — amongst our Gowhere contingent were packed into a small venue for the G.O.O.D. Music showcase. This meant a performance by Big Sean of his Finally Famous album singles and a surprise appearance by none other than Kanye West. Here’s another Camovement of the back-to-back-to-back performance of “Dance (A$$)”, “Marvin & Chardonnay” and ‘Ye going solo for a hype rendition of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”. Chills to this day. We were all behind them on the stage and it’s still one of my memorable concert experiences I bring up casually in convo when it comes up.

Even more comically, to us at least, our nostalgic convo culminated in the realization that Big Sean’s back on social media on his born day today. To bring it full circle: 2010–>2012–>2019. The new rhymes are sounding good. Here for it all these years later. HBD!


Lollapalooza 5ABIOmatic Day 2 Recap

Hey folks! It’s 5ABIO here with a quick recap of day two for Lollapalooza. This is more of a blog type post than it is a write up going in full detail about artists. There was so much that I could do with the time I had so I tried to do as much as I could to see as many artists as possible with the time give.

I was at Lolla for Day 2 specifically for Hip-Hop because this day was full of different Hip-Hop artists and had the most to showcase from the three day lineup. I was also able to see other acts from different genres but I went with the intention of seeing as many Hip-Hop artists as I could.

Just for a little further clarification, I was there from 11:30am-10pm so there was much ground to cover. There were also some time conflicts so I was only able to see some artists for about half their set and others for their entire set.

Mick Jenkins 11:45AM [Full Set]

The day started with Mick Jenkins, the lyrical savant from Chicago’s Hip-Hop scene that has amassed nationwide attention as a result of his conscious raps that take a stance against social injustice as well as unrest over the wrongful murders of black youth and black lives. Needless to say, Mick Jenkins was one of the reasons why I decided to come to Lolla because I have been able to see his growth from Trees & Truths to the recent Water[s] and Waves project.

[Vid credit Pursuit of Dopeness]

It was really remarkable to witness his set over the years. The first Mick show I attended was two years ago at Township in Logan Square where he rocked a crowd of 50 people. Years later Mick easily PACKED a crowd of thousands as he had the Pepsi stage over capacity all clinging to every word and knowledge he spoke to his fans.

The highlight of his set was the new music as Mick played three joints off the forthcoming Waves project he is set to release recently.

Raury 12:50pm [Full Set]


[Video credit: Pursuit of Dopeness]

I’m pretty new to Raury. The recent XXL Freshmen and Atlanta, GA native has been captivating crowds because he’s not the norm when t comes to the Atlanta Hip-Hop scene. Up to the point of this performance I had only heard two songs from this promising artists and at first didn’t know what to think of it over than ‘this is different’. That uniqueness has led me to further appreciate Raury after his set. The kid is special. He reminds me of a mix between Outkast and Frank Ocean cause the kid can sing and his production is different, it’s folk, it’s pop, it’s music that should be appreciated for what it is and his live performance turned heads. It definitely made a fan out of me.

Travi$ Scott 2:15pm [Full Set]


// MUSIC signee Travi$ Scott is another artists that I was not too familiar with. I had never heard any of his projects but had been exposed to him on features he was on. He was one of the artists I wanted to see the most because of the fact that he was under Kanye’s brand and is highly considered to be the future of Houston’s Hip-Hop scene. For those that were not in attendance, ‘the Rodeo’ was shut down real quick.

[S/O Pursuit of Dopeness]

This performance was a bit of a disappointment. For the set being expected to be an hour it started with 30mins of DJing which brings down Travi$’ performance to at least a half hour, right? WRONG. Travi$ performance lasted about 5-10minutes before folks in the crowd started creating rampage. It didn’t help that Travi$ pretty much incited a riot and prompting folks to hop on stage with him. This led to a lot of ‘fuckboys’ hopping on stage, security starting to flex people, and eventually the set canceled within 10mins to Travi$ performance. It was a huge letdown for a lot of people that really wanted to see his performance which was packed with his esteemed ‘Rangers’.

Death From Above 1979 4pm [Half Set] 



Death From Above 1979 is a band I had been put on when I was in high school by my best friend so I looked forward to seeing them live. I spazzed out as they performed as well as I was able to hear my favorite “You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine” in the 30mins I had before running off to see the next performance.

Toro Y Moi 3:45pm [Half Set]


// only know Toro y Moi cause Treated Crew/Legion of Dudez showyousuck made a mixtape rapping over their songs so I had to check it out. It had the ShowYouSuck stamp of approval and I definitely did dig the 30mins of the performance I saw. It’s not what I would usually listen to but it was interesting live.

Tyler, The Creator 5:45pm [Half Set]




For those not too familiar with Tyler, The Creator- he is one crazy dude! The substance matter in his lyrics reminds us how wicked and weird we are individually, which is why folks gravitate towards his music. I had only seen videos of him live so I had an expectation of what his set would be. I’ve been following his Bastard project so I expected a wild yet fun performance which is what we got at Lollapalooza as the Golf Wang/ODD Future emcee delivered his fan favorites as well as new joints off his recently released Cherry Bomb project.

Kid Cudi 6:45pm [Full Set]



Cudder was the highlight of Lolla. From beginning to end his performance was high energy as he continuously interacted with his crowd that was packed. Cudi not only delivered some of his most celebrated material but as well as delivered a new acoustic joint as he showcased what is in store from his forthcoming project. It was a real dope set from beginning to end and definitely one of the highlights of Lolla.


Metallica 8-10pm [Half Set]


With a two hour set I had to make sure I saw the legendary Metallica. I’m a Hip-Hop head to the core but I know when to give respect where it’s due so seeing this legendary band was my biggest priority. As someone that is not that too familiar with the legendary band, Metallica was not only welcoming to new listeners but played a wide array of classic and newer material to welcome any listener that wanted to give them their time and an ear to play to. This is a once in a generation type band playing for the first time at Lollapalooza which became a once in a lifetime event in my first ever Lollapalooza.

G Eazy 9pm [Half Set]


The last on the list for me to see was G Eazy. He’s another artists that I wasn’t too familiar with but was definitely digging from the few joints I was able to hear as well as the few live television performances I had seen him on previously before seeing him live. The Bay Area emcee not only introduced me more to tracks I hadn’t heard before but as well as payed respect to the city that lay the groundwork for his sound as he embraced his listeners in Chicago and welcomed him to witness more of his roots and influences. Also, one of the cool highlights was G Eazy embracing the greatness behind the Chicago Hip-Hop scene and bringing out Vic Mensa to perform his hit “U MAD”.

Overall, Lollapalooza for me was a real cool experience. I was able to see once in a lifetime performances by some of the best doing it today and it has definitely gotten me thinking of continuing to attend for many years to come.

Yelawolf @ The Metro (GWHH Recap)

The Yelawolf show at The Metro this past Tuesday night was an epic night of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It was an interesting mix of crowds as Yela gave his fellow Slumericans a lot of content as he brought a diverse crowd of listeners together at his sold out show in Chicago.

Hillbilly Hotel

Interesting enough, a Hip-Hop show began with some Rock N Roll as Nashville, TN group Hillbilly Motel entertained the crowd at Metro with a variation of different genres. Their set was an interesting experience to ‘Hip-Hop heads’ that expected to begin the show with a local opener. That didn’t happen but Hillbilly Hotel definitely did entertain as they not only educated the crowd to the various influences that helped create their band, but as well as to the many individuals that impacted their musical upbringing. Surprisingly enough, Hillbilly Hotel often cited Chicago as a source of music folklore as many of this city’s music legends not only influenced their careers but as well as many legendary bands. Most importantly, Hillbilly Hotel advocated for their audience to think for themselves as well as fight for what they believe in as they rocked on through their hour set.

Highlights from Hillbilly Hotel:

image (3)
All photos: @WhoDough for @gowherehiphop

The crowd was at his feet for Alabama spitter Yelawolf as he engaged his sold out crowd in Chicago from beginning to end. His nearly two hour set delivered an onslaught of new and old material as he serenaded his crowd to some of his latest records of his recently released Love Story album and brought the crowd to frenzy as he went down memory lane performing tracks off his legendary Trunk Muzik mixtape and records he released as a now member of Shady Records.

Yelawolf gave his crowd everything he had and then more as he went out of his way to ensure he gave his fans the best concert experience he could, and did. Some of the most important notes Yela spoke upon was the importance of his fans sticking with him amidst the several evolutions of music he has undergone. He also spoke about the current state of music, stating that it didn’t matter to him if his fans bought or illegally downloaded his music as long as his music was being spread for the better cause. Ultimately, as someone that has followed him since Trunk Muzik and the XXL Freshmen cover it was very interesting in seeing how he has evolved with his sounds as well as seeing the impact behind him finding his niche and his sound which we have grown accustomed to as the kid from a no name city in Alabama made his name known on a Tuesday night in Chicago.

image (5)
Photo: @WhoDough for @gowherehiphop

Yelawolf Highlights:

image (6)
Photo: @WhoDough for @gowherehiphop
This happened too. Photo: @WhoDough
This happened too. Photo: @WhoDough for @gowherehiphop

Winter Block Party: Saturday (presented by Vocalo)

This Saturday, come on out for an all-day hip hop event at the Metro — the #WinterBlockParty!

From noon-7 it’s FREE and you’ll be able to participate in some very cool events for a true hip hop cultural feel. There will be a B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle throughout the day, a hip hop art gallery, a movie screening of RIZE, DJing, a poetry jam, and more. Look for us inside as part of the Hip Hop Marketplace — we’ll be selling the Gowhere You Love Kanye tees and giving away other goodies.

Then, get your tickets for the nightcap that will be highlighted by performances from Mick Jenkins, Show You Suck, Saba, NoName Gypsy, and Daryn Alexus + the finals of the B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle. Shoutout to Vocalo and fellow presenters Chicago Public Media, Inc., and the Young Chicago Authors. This will be a guaranteed good time.

Buy tickets for the nighttime concert here.


Main Floor || B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle Sign Up

Smart Bar || Free Screening of “RIZE”

Main Floor || B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle Prelims

Main Floor || Street Gear Fashion Show (featuring Alex Carter, Gowhere HipHop, City of Win and others)
People’s Choice Music Videos

Smart Bar || Winter Block Party Wordplay

Main Floor || B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle Quarters

Main Floor || DLOW
People’s Choice Videos

Smart Bar || Track Workshop

Main Floor || B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle Semis

Also, throughout the day and night hear from Vocalo’s DJ Collective featuring Shazam Bangles, Pumpin Pete and Shred One led by Jesse De La Pena.

Plus, $10 fade haircuts, a Hip Hop Art Gallery (curated by Kevin Coval and Chicago Truborn) and a Hip Hop Boutique with vendors including Gowhere HipHop, City of Win, Alex Carter and others!

In the evening, join us for a ticketed concert blow-out!

Main Floor || B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle FINALS
LTAB Mixtape Release Concert featuring Mick Jenkins, Show You Suck, Saba, NoName Gypsy, and Daryn Alexus

GWHH Sponsored: Dally Auston Bday Party

Tonight! Save Money’s Dally Auston will celebrate his bday with a headlining performance at Jerry’s Sandwich. He’ll be accompanied on the bill by Astonish, Tony Stanza, MFnMelo & Born Ready (Pivot Gang), and Na$im Williams. We’re linking up once again with Make A Mogul who will be co-presenting with HOTC.

Our college-aged readers, this is the show for you — 18+ and discounted $5 entry with your school ID all night. Come out and support the ChiTown hip hop culture!