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UNIFY Global Meditation at Lightning In A Bottle held an incredible global meditation experience at this year’s Lightning In A Bottle festival. Our synchronized intention was to visualize all the water reservoirs of California and the entire world being abundantly filled for the greatest good of all. Thousands gathered physically, and hundreds of thousands globally as we became one with water through the power of our self love. It was a beautiful ceremony as our powerful intentions rippled through the world creating physical changes in our collective consciousness.

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I Am – Indigo Minute

Here I Am speaking about the Presence that I Am.

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Mattias Ribbing: The Visualization of Memory

Mattias Ribbing is a three-time Swedish Memory Champion, and one of only 122 people in the world who have been awarded the title of Grand Master of Memory. He is a leading mnemonist, educator, and brain trainer in Sweden, and his memory is officially ranked as the 75th best in the world. Here is our conversation together about powerful visualization and manifestation techniques at this past Bulletproof Biohacking conference.

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The Indigo Secret

The answer to changing everything! Manifest Healing, Abundance, Peace.

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