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The Royals play meow game with 1738

This was too great not to pass along.

And I’m not even up on the Fetty Wap craze like the charts show the rest of the country is. But if you’re on this site, you’re at least vaguely familiar of Fetty and his Remy Boyz 1738 crew.

And now you may also become a fan of the Kansas City Royals.

Apparently, the Royals fine each other for not dropping in “1738” into postgame interviews. Ya! The scoop from one of their beat reporters:

It does make perfect sense. It does, Moose.

I’m a proponent of the classic meow game and for it to crossover to Fetty Wap is pretty fantastic. The Royals were my pick to win it this season even before this, but we may as well just etch their name in the trophy now.

If you think this off-field chemistry stops there too, you’re mistaken. This is incredible.

UPDATE 08.11.15: The Royals meet Fetty Wap. (via ESPN)




Jordan ‘RE2PECT’ Commercial

Baseball’s biggest superstar Derek Jeter is in the midst of his farewell tour this season and it’ll hit its apex so far in these next couple of days as the baseball season hits its halfway point with the All Star Game in Minnesota. Perfect time for Jordan Brand to honor its athlete as they bring together some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment to tip their cap to the Yankees shortstop. Literally. There’s more hat tips in this commercial than I give out per week here on Gowhere, ha.

Among the stars in the commercial: (starting in the hip hop world) Jay Z, Action Bronson, then ya got Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson & Jeanie Buss, past Yankees legends like Mariano Rivera and Joe Torre, and even Michael Jordan himself. Really well-done spot that deserves a hat tip itself. Enjoy above as well as the All-Star festivities that I’m actually looking forward to for the first time in awhile.

BONUS: Another baseball x music commercial that dropped today is SportsCenter’s new one starring Metallica. These don’t get old, only more funny.