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The random 2K19 track I have on repeat

Anybody get the new NBA 2K19?*

Well, every year there are usually multiple songs that I randomly fall in love with on repeat status that puts me in a feel-good mood or on the court itself. Last year it was Shakira singing in Spanish and freaking Pitbull.

This year, it’s this uptempo song by a bunch of artists I’m not familiar with but the hook begins, “Touchdown, Boomshakalaka” and continues to stick with me on many (many) repeat listens. Lol. Enjoy!

*Like me at the midnight release? Smh.

ZHU ‘Ringo’s Desert’ (Album Stream)


September is full of hot new albums and one not to overlook, especially for a different vibe, is ZHU’s Ringo’s Desert.

It’s not as totally upbeat as ZHU’s early releases, but it still has some of those elements off the top. Great riding music.

A couple of cuts I’ve found myself going back to all month: “Ghost In My Bed” and “Waters of Monaco”. Both kind of take a little bit to get going but once they do… (or after a couple listens at least…)