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adidas announces Jeremy Lin signing

It was revealed last week, and today officially announced by adidas: Jeremy Lin has signed a new deal to join the three stripes (successfully pulling a Kanye by switching from Nike). adidas should have included the parenthesis as part of their press release (snippeted below) as an extra jab to their competitor. Or at least a Jeremy Lin pun, because it’s 2014 and I’m still not tired of them, especially a quality one like their hashtag above. Missed opportunity, dah well. Says Lin,

I’m really excited to join the adidas family. They’ve changed the game with new technology and style and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

Lin will be featured in a variety of upcoming adidas marketing initiatives and will play a role in the development of basketball footwear and apparel.

Seriously speaking, this seems like a great merge for Lin and adidas, as the company has already built brand loyalty in China with the T-Mac’s during the Tracy McGrady/Yao Ming era. Now, in addition to his teammate Dwight Howard and his immense popularity in Asia, I can see a full Jeremy Lin x adidas takeover in the Orient. Money will be made, and hopefully through a signature shoe (Dame Lillard needs one too now, adidas…)