Foster + Partners Win Manhattan Skyscraper Competition

NYC readers, get a first glimpse at your newest skyscraper along Park Avenue. Today, the firm Foster + Partners was announced as the winner of a competition to revitalize 425 Park Ave., replacing the aging tower with a world-class one full of offices. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2015 with the tower’s completition coming in 2017. Soooo begin your five-year plan today to get one of those offices!

More info via ArchDaily. Might I add that this is one sleek looking office building. *Tibs Fav.

425 Park Av., today
425 Park Av., today

Dubai is planning an underwater hotel

An underwater hotel?! Finally, an idea that rivals the Butabi brothers’ idea for a club where the outside looks like the inside and the inside looks like the streets outside. Leave it to Dubai to try and make this happen as disc shaped volumes are designed for both above and below the ocean.

The underwater disc features 21 private rooms, custom lighting systems, and large panes of glass to view the marine life on the other side of the window. The abovewater disc features your typical restaurant, spa, swimming pool, rooftop garden, and helipad. Safety wise, if danger arises, the coolest feature may be that the underwater disc will automatically surface. Plus, each disc is sized according to the local condition and has the ability to be relocated if “any changes in the environmental or economic conditions occur”, meaning the marine life will be safe as well.

All in all, this is quite the ambitious and eye-catching project to be constructed. I can only imagine the experience if and when this gets built and if and when I put down my life’s savings for a one-night stay.

*tips hat* Drydocks World and Switzerland’s BIG InvestConsult, on behalf of partner Deep Ocean Technology (DOT). More info/pics via ArchDaily.

Hive Apartments

Hive Apartments, located in Melbourne, Australia by ITN Architects, fuses two of my favorite loves: architecture and hip hop. Besides the beautiful exterior seen in the slideshow above, this complex is attractive to me because of its function as well. It carries out a graffiti theme throughout the exterior and interior and the video below walks us through the building and how some of the graffiti pieces are load-bearing parts of the structure. So they had to be placed first to support the building under construction and upon completion. Pretty cool. Take a look at the photos and video and see for yourself.

*tips hat* Complex via Acclaim



As I stared down at my feet, I noticed all of the pet owners in my lift were tightening their leashes away from my shoes. Hm…


Sgt. Tibs and I are in a bit of a debate between spiked heels for guys and girls.  Cute on girls, but questionable for guys.  Perhaps its been overdone in the recent few years, but I found a pair of kicks that could change your mind.


Thoughts on this trend? Is it over?  Is it still as hard edge.


Primorsky Aquarium

Under construction now is the Primorsky Aquarium in Vladivostok, Russia – a massive space being built at the request of the President of the Russian Federation. The architects, OJSC Primorgrajdanproekt (it took me about .005 seconds to decide I was copying and pasting that), did a magnificent job on the exterior facades and with the site in general, as seen in the pictures above. Plus as a fun fact: the two biggest tanks will hold 7,000 tons. Whoa there. More pics/info via ArchDaily.

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