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J. Cole “Wet Dreamz”

J. Cole’s clever “first-time” song, naturally, gets a clever new video. It’s puppy love in fact for this storytelling standout off 2014 Forest Hills Drive. If the song gave you that ‘whoa!’ feeling by the end, perhaps you’ll think about it even differently now? I dunno, this one didn’t impact me like many late last year, but at least dog lovers should enjoy the visual.

*awaits “J. Cole is soft!” reaction*

J. Cole “G.O.M.D.”

J. Cole will turn some heads with his new video to “G.O.M.D.”

It’s one of the records with mad bars off 2014 Forest Hills Drive, but now with the video he delivers a more poignant message. Namely, J. Cole frees the slaves in a cinematic video that goes the extra mile with a 1860s setting.

Though the lyrics and matching visuals don’t always work if you want to get specific, I do appreciate the video overall all the way through the last scene too so stay tuned throughout.

J. Cole “Be Free” on Letterman

Wow, props J. Cole.

With 2014 Forest Hills Drive set to debut with a projected 320-350K this week (huge numbers), Cole could have chosen one of the many lyrical jams on there to give the shine on it for Letterman tonight.

Instead, he did that in a bigger way by performing this summer’s “Be Free”, released right after Ferguson and now not only dedicated to Mike Brown, but also Eric Garner. Watch the emotional J. Cole run through it above. #Respect

ICYMI: J. Cole “Apparently” [Music Video]

J. Cole “Apparently”

J. Cole provides a simple new visual for “Apparently” — one of the many lyrical and soulful joints off today’s new album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. This one grows on me. I was a lil annoyed on the delivery at first but even by the end of one listen I like it. On top of that, there’s plenty of relatable lines as well. Give this a look/listen and stream the entire album if you haven’t yet already.