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Saint Millie “Let You Know”

Treated Crew emcee Saint Millie continues his campaign leading up to his forthcoming project Glory by dropping his latest single “Let You Know”, produced by C-Sick.


ShowYouSuck “Gucci Mane” [Videos 1-4]

Praise the RAD God! ShowYouSuck has some of the best videos in the business and is making it perfectly clear with a FIVE VIDEO SERIES to his latest single “Gucci Mane”. Those are some cold moves from the LOD and Treated Crew member as he continues to showcase his handwork and dedication through these excellently executed visuals. A Gucci Mane salute from us, BURR! [Below are the first FOUR videos of the series]

Video 1 [Directed By: APJ Films]:

Video 2 [Directed By: George Sol]:

Video 3 [Directed By: APJ Films & ShowYouSuck]

Video 4 [Directed By: Andrew Zeiter]

Saint Millie “Road to Glory: The Documentary” [Complete Series]

A few days ago RedEye Chicago and Chicago emcee Saint Millie released  Road To Glory: The Documentary that follows the Chicago rapper in a journey which highlights many of the struggles that upcoming artists face such as booking shows, making a name for themselves and the struggle of being one of thousands of artists all fighting for an opportunity to land a deal. This five part series could’ve not happened to to any other artists as Saint Millie has always carried himself as a caring, dedicated, and humble person. Saint Millie’s “Road To Glory” is a road less traveled, a journey with many difficulties that he acknowledges, but a road and journey which he believes is worth traveling for the rewards it has given him.

Few words from RedEye Chicago:

The Chicago music scene is crowded. It’s gritty. It’s completely unforgiving. But one rap artist from the westside of the city refuses to give up. When he’s gutpunched, he pops back up. Time and time again. Introducing Saint Millie, a 22-year-old Oak Park musician who believes he is living his “road to glory.” Watch the young artist on his journey to get paid for what he loves to do, jumping hurdles to get close to that reality. Overcoming small, quiet crowds is just the beginning. But Saint Millie is ready for whatever is thrown at him. He continues to be “the good in the situation.

Monday April 28th Saint Millie and RedEye Chicago will be screening the documentary series as well as provide performances at Schubas for FREE. Make sure you attend this event that will only happen ONCE IN A LIFETIME! [Info Below]


‪”Meet Saint Millie” (Episode 1)‬

‪”An Austin Opportunity” (Episode 2 ‬)

‪”Overwhelmed” (Episode 3)‬

The Stage”  (Episode 4)‬

‪”The Street” (Episode 5)‬


Quick S/O to the homie, Saint Millie for the autograph!

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