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T.I. “King”

Welp, T.I. gives no fucks about changing his image after the gun charges that landed him in prison a few years ago. In his new mini-movie music video for the high-octane intro track to Paperwork (in stores today), T.I. seems to play a character loosely based on himself. In his celebrity fame, he goes back to talk with an old friend, hustler of sorts and now that things have changed for him, it’s changed things for them. I’ll let the rest of the story play out above for your enjoyment in what I admit was a pretty entertaining video.

I also love how the intro track continues a theme of sorts by having the word “King” in it; in fact, the song is simply called “King”. I can see how the image may be tiresome to some, but I’ve been vibing with T.I.’s music for over a decade now so my loyalty to him and his new raps still remain strong. This is a topic for a whole nother article, so for now, let’s just enjoy T.I. and the Atlanta Hawks CEO promote the season-opener. The Hawks are starting the regular season with 1 win already. For schizzle.


B.o.B — 3 ‘No Genre 2’ videos

Not one, not two, not three… OK, 3 new videos from B.o.B — all off his recent No Genre 2 mixtape from the top of the month. Above is “So What” featuring Mila J, directed by Isaac Klotz. Below, “Get Right” featuring Mike Fresh, directed by 1st Impressions and the last: “The Nation” featuring Jake Lambo and Victoria Monet, directed by Philly Fly Boy.