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Derrick Rose ‘D Rose 5 Boost’ Commercial

New Jordan-esque silhouette?

I couldn’t let this cool new promo video get away without a post today as Derrick Rose stars in a quick cutting (quick edited) 30 second spot to promote the adidas D Rose 5 Boost. Sleek ending too. The Rose 5 Boost now has a release date too: October 23rd. Just in time for the season!

If you want more NBA content, check out my comprehensive look at the Bulls 1st preseason game and the Gowhere Community for looks at a new Jordan Brand store coming to Chicago and the new Cavs alternate uniforms (and that’s just this week!)

Today in NBA Commercials

A couple of new NBA commercials were released online this morning and it was a great way to ease into my morning, so I figured it may do just the same for you.

The first I saw is adidas Basketball continues their #Boost campaign with flagship athlete Damian Lillard interviewed by Rachel Nichols in “a fictional and humorous look at what life for the 2014 NBA All-Star would be like without Boost in his basketball shoes.”

Then I see that Foot Locker is understanding that if you put Charles Barkley in a commercial, that’s half the battle. Here he has some funny dialogue with James Harden, but it’s Scottie Pippen who steals the show. Both spots are pretty humorous so enjoy!

adidas Rose 5

While we don’t get to every new sneaker release, we always gotta keep a tab on the latest from adidas Basketball and Derrick Rose as we’ve been covering the new signature editions and colorways since our proud hometown hero signed with the 3-stripes during his Rookie of the Year campaign. Today, adidas introduced the new adidas Rose 5 with #Boost technology — the heart of this season’s campaign — with D. Rose alongside Damian Lillard and the all-new sub-10 oz. adidas Crazylight Boost in an event this afternoon in Las Vegas. 

The two faces of adidas Basketball conducted a Q&A in addition to showing off the new kicks and a couple highlights of those are also seen in the slideshow captions above (h/t @SLAMonline for live tweeting even more.) The adidas Rose 5 is the natural next step in the shoe’s evolution, featuring even more high ankle support (one of my key ingredients in a basketball shoe, personally) and more notably: the non-presence of the signature 3-stripes on the upper of the shoe. The 3-stripes are on almost every adidas shoe, including the previous Roses, but as Rose states above, “It’s an honor for them to remove the 3-stripes and put my logo on the back of the shoe.”

I like that the logo pops on the heel now, and happy that the 3-stripes remain on the bottom of the shoe to be seen as Rose drives past the competition this season. I wonder if the 3-stripes still could have been incorporated on the surface, but I applaud the way details like the “Brenda” were, subtlety on the forefront of the toes. Great to see the blue-line “El-Train” colorway comin’ back as well — I copped those Christmas versions back in ’11 and it’s probably my favorite unique Chicago colorway of any shoe. Just talking about the new shoe, I’m feeling the excitement to see Rose come back from injury, for good, this year for the Bulls, and also starting tomorrow as USA Basketball begins.

Major hat tip to Sole Collector for the live reaction and high-res images in this post. Hit their link for even more.

Finally, adidas Basketball just released the new video about each shoe and #Boost (which looks real cool, as demonstrated) and in the process… revealed the new Chicago Bulls alternate jersey. The pinstripes are BACK!

Great move: the 72-10 pinstripes will return!
Great move: the 72-10 pinstripes will return!