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Aja Monet “You Make Holy War”

Somethin’ a lil different, yet with all the freshness you would expect here on Gowhere. It comes from spoken word artist Aja Monet who delivers an increasingly engaging and emotional performance of “You Make Holy War” live from London.

On hand to document the performance was the homie Cam Be as he contrasts documentary style close-ups of Monet and her band with the poem continuous in the background. In fact, said band features bass, piano, percussion, and guitar and they provide a minimal and complimentary sound to the poem.

With the fantastic visuals to match as well, the video above is first and foremost about the words. I was hooked from the imagery 30 seconds in. Later on, I couldn’t help but think of our city after this line:

If I were to die tonight from a bullet, let it be a bullet of love.
If there is a crime there is to commit, let it be a crime, of love.

And lastly, Aja Monet ends the piece brilliantly that has more impact if you press play and tune in all the way through. Watch, listen, enjoy!

“You Make Holy War”
Shot & Directed by Camovement
2nd Camera by Nadyah Aissa

Andrew Kremer on Bass
Jessica Lauren on Piano
Simone Hag on Percussion
Jacques Nazaire on Guitar

Thank you to Lauren Hill and Daphne Kolader.


Aja Monet “You Make Holy War”

I love to highlight some spoken word from time to time here on Gowhere and one new video that caught my eyes and ears is the latest from Aja Monet. She speaks on “You Make Holy War” about a significant other she’s thought hard about and I think there are places here where anyone can relate. What’s more engaging about the track is her ability to create such vivid imagery — right off the bat, especially. I was gripped to the piece that was predominantly shot in the woods, with multiple Aja Monet’s amongst the trees. Job well done visually too by directors Cam Be and Aja Monet herself. Peep one of more Camovements to come today above!

*Tibs Fav.