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Al Horford game-winner vs. Wizards

Al Horford just put a cap on a wild finish in Atlanta, providing the game-winning tip-in with 1.9 seconds left to put his Hawks up 1 and win the pivotal Game 5 versus the Wizards.

Leading up to the tip-in…¬†first, this John Wall block is on the short list for the subjective Block of the Year.


With 15 seconds left, Al Horford and DeMarre Carroll executed the most beautiful/pressure-packed 2 on 1 in, quite possibly, NBA history.


(At posting time, this Warriors 2-on-1 is just as beautiful, for different reasons.)

Then, the Truth made up for his turnover by being The Truth.



Then finally the buzzer beating tip-in with Al Horford coming out of nowhere to snare that board. (Another great block by Wall, btw.)


The Atlanta atmosphere was superb all night, even during replay reviews when organist Sir Foster played “All Day” for a good 2 minutes. So when they won, it was appropriately crazy. I loved that 2 Chainz dapped up his NBA doppelg√§nger DeMarre Carroll, but that’s currently not in GIF form. Carroll’s dap from T.I. is though…



But it’s Memphis Grizzlies fan Juicy J with the tweet of the night that tops even that…