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Alex Wiley & Mick Jenkins ‘The Making of “Own Man”‘

Last week Alex Wiley called into Radio DePaul to give us the exclusive interview to how this collaboration came to be between himself and Mick Jenkins. We now get the visual of the making of “Own Man” as Closed Sessions drops the video of the creation process behind this historic collaboration. “Own Man” marks Alex’s first official single to his upcoming project Village Party, that is slated to drop later this year.


Alex Wiley “Own Man” f/ Mick Jenkins

Alex Wiley and Mick Jenkins have been been on a lane of their own as they’ve showcased to be some of the best independent acts in the nation in creating a strong following through pure hustle and lyricism. Through this these lyricists have become their own boss, their “Own Man”. The Odd Couple production will be on Alex Wiley’s upcoming mixtape Village Party that is slated to be released Spring 2014.

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Alex Wiley & Mick Jenkins “Forever”

It is an awesome feeling when two dope Chicago emcees come together to make something masterful. Just a few weeks ago I was talking to Alex Wiley about Mick Jenkins and fast forward to today’s release we have two powerful Chicago upstarts showcasing their lyrical prowess on “Forever”. May these two emcees continue to create innovative music. Enjoy!

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Alex Wiley & Kembe X visit Radio DePaul

I had the pleasure of having two standout Chicago emcees swing by to Radio DePaul for my radio show this past Thursday. It was an honor to have Alex Wiley & Kembe X, two humble performers enlighten myself and listeners to their lives and the type of individuals they are. They were even cool enough to write a friend of mine a letter expressing their appreciation for a supporter of the craft and culture they form part of, being Chicago HipHop. We also have footage from Alex’s show at Reggies, which he headlined the day after the interview. VillageUp!

Audio From Radio DePaul Interview:

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Footage From Alex Wiley Headlining Show @ Reggies:

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