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Steph Curry on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night, Steph Curry was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the two bounced around on a number of topics starting with¬†Curry’s round of golf with the President last Friday.

The MVP also talked about growing up around Muggsy Bogues, his mouth guard chewing habit, and his adorable daughter Riley even gets a cameo. Watch all the clips below.

ICYMI: The top 100 Plays of the NBA Season (Official Video)

This was a test, ha! ūüôā I guess Halle was a guest recently too after browsing the JKL channel for these Curry clips.

BONUS: Anthony Davis was also on the late-night circuit with James Corden last night. He teaches him how to Whip and Nae-Nae in addition to talks of his new contract and NBA 2K16. Also, he’s sitting next to Patrick Stewart!


Anthony Davis buzzer beater vs. Thunder

^^ This was good. Wow.

AD topping even James Harden for buzzer beater of the year. What an adjust by Davis in mid-air to cap off a thrilling ending, 41 points and 10 rebounds, and a 106-103 victory over their 8-seed chasing rival, OKC Thunder. Westbrook had a career high 48 points with 3 FTs to tie the game and set the stage for Davis’ heroics with 1.2 seconds left. If you saw the ending to this live, you were in for a treat. Incredible.

Anthony Davis career high 43 PTS (Full Highlights)

The Anthony Davis love around the league is at an all-time high after the Pelicans all-star has dominated this November. Last night was a career night for AD as his 43 points became a new career high. He was ultra efficient too, getting that total on 16-23 shooting and adding 14 boards en route to a comfortable win in Utah.

The video above pulls out all of Davis’ baskets and highlights from the game, which is a mix of quick dunks and pure mid-range shooting. He comes off a couple of these like a shooting guard, which is the most impressive thing to me about¬†his game last night.¬†The league is in good hands with this Chicagoan for years to come!

Steph Curry full highlights vs. Rockets

The big game from last nite in the Association was the undefeated Warriors versus the undefeated Rockets. The two teams clashed with the Warriors coming out on top 98-87 for their fifth victory of the year. Leading the way was Steph Curry, who poured in a season-high 34 points, adding 10 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 steals.

As you can see in the highlights above, Curry put the whole repertoire on display. Crafty dribble moves to get to the cup or the ounce of separation he needs for the ultra quick release. I counted about 4 or 5 shots I had to rewind so I just watched the highlights a couple times. Uncanny release. The Warriors are forreal this season. Look for them versus the Suns tonite to see if they can make it 6.

In other news, the superstar-to-be is here now,¬†as Anthony Davis hits a big game-winner vs. the champion Spurs. He wouldn’t be denied for this layup with 6 seconds left, which proved to keep the Pelicans on top for an impressive road win.

Anthony Davis Full Highlights vs. Magic

Anthony Davis, the must-watch all-star of 2014-15. You cemented it in the first game. Ha!

The NBA regular season is back and so are your daily highlights. Taking the feature tonight is the Pelicans all-star who put up an absurd line en route to a W.


*nods head*¬†The full highlights are above considering many of us were watching the Mavs/Spurs, if at all. You don’t have to watch all of them, but at least watch the first play and look how far Davis takes off from.¬†Casual.

Also, this cool pic: