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A$AP Yams passes away

This morning, the hip hop world was shaken at the news of the passing of A$AP Yams, only 26 years old, and one of the founding members and managers of the A$AP Mob. He was instrumental in setting up the careers of A$AP Rocky, Ferg, and the entire Mob, citing their first jump to fame through their unique utilization of tumblr.

When I heard the news through various forms of tributes on social media by many of the game’s biggest artists (below), I immediately recounted our own, lone personal experience with ASAP Yams. In fact, to date, this is still an e-mail that stands out amongst the thousands we’ve ever received.

The backstory: flashback to November of 2011. We were organizing plans to throw our own SXSW Showcase in the spring of 2012 and began the process of reaching out for artists months in advance. At the time, A$AP Rocky began his breakout and was on our short list of people to reach out to. With no direct plug to the Mob, we found a general e-mail to send a proposal.

Yams got back to us. And this e-mail remains a sign of A$AP Mob’s loyalty to their fans and speaks to how Yams looked out for those who supported him and his movement from the beginning.

asap-yams-emailIsn’t that awesome? We were pleasantly taken aback by the response and to date, we haven’t received an e-mail that asked specifically for something like this. The end of the story isn’t all too exciting. Unfortunately, our SXSW 2012 showcase never came together until 2013 and we never formally met A$AP Yams. But for this e-mail to still stand out to me years later means it was something special. It alone made me respect the Mob more and made me more of a fan. And after all, if you’re an A$AP Mob fan… or even if you may not be, how can you not appreciate this e-mail, heart, and authenticity?

So today, we have Yams, the Mob, and their friends/family in our thoughts and prayers. No cause of death has been released. It’s just clear that we lost a good dude who was universally respected by peers all around. Just take a look below. Much #respect to A$AP Yams as well.


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A$AP Ferg “Petit Valley”

A$AP Ferg has been dropping a lot of tracks in the last few months but his latest freestyle, “Petit Valley”,  has everyone pausing their play buttons. “Wait, wait…hold up. Is he harmonizing?” To answer your question, yes…yes he is. Very Rare.

Playing homage to his Trinidad roots, his latest freestyle (which isn’t really a freestyle since he harmonizes more than actually spitting verses) combines Carnival Tabanca’s song “Bunji Garlin” and influences from Soca music. A lot more calmer than his more famous tracks like “Work” or “Shabba”, the song is more like a summer cake jam than anything. With island vibes and rhythms that make you want to sip coconuts with island side pieces, the track is by far the oddest track we’ve ever heard from the Trap Lord.

I know a lot of people are scratching their heads and asking questions like “My guy, you good?” But if you think about it, this track isn’t unusual for A$AP Ferg who is one of the more experimental guys in the game right now. By no means is this the best we’ve heard from Ferg but it isn’t a completely horrible song. We’ve heard A LOT worst, I mean who remembers when Nick Cannon was a rapper? (Yeah, take a moment to let that early 2000’s rap crisis sink back in). Regardless A$AP Ferg is still A$AP Ferg. Whether he’s harmonizing about island groupies or rapping about his crew in their Saint Laurent and Raf Simons fits, he is still bringing something original to the game.

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Your bucket list: ILLMORE

A collaboration between ILLoots and scoreMORE, the Illmore has continued to be the highest in demand ticket.  Tickets are unavailable for purchase.  The only options are to be invited or guest listed… there is one more option though, with work it is feaseable: sign up for their updates in advance, and rush to the designated location and time announced only minutes prior via email. Two more difficult options were available, either you, a female, email your pictures to badbaesonly@gmail.com to show off your hotness, or you, a guy, roll in with 5 atrractive ladies.


via the ILLMORE

You don’t’ know who to expect at the Illmore house every year. I guess that’s the fun in it. I’m the type of person who loves to go out on Tuesday or Wednesday night and see where the night takes me, while Saturday nights I usually stay in. I’m not sure why, perhaps I hate the headache that hype creates for me. However, that’s the irony of it all. There is not hype for the artist, because you do not know who is coming, but you are excited to just be there. You get excited because you don’t know who you’re going to see and you don’t know what to expect and because of that… hundreds of people lined up within in minutes to try and win the wristband giveaway.

I get it now though. You know with the ILLRoots name the party is going to be good.  With a unique line-up from Aoki to YMCMB, you feel like you walk into a party with your friends hosted by your friends, and that feeling is so hard to find.  Also, those friends that you’re “partying” with just happened to have topped the Billboard charts, covered magazines, and/or are anticipated to break into the scene all under one roof.

In previous years, the parties were hosted in mansion but this year was in a youth center. Idling between feeling like I was at my homecoming (with better music of course) and a skating rink.  I have mixed feelings about the party being hosted in a much bigger venue when compared to previous shows going hard in a living room.  This year might have gotten too big, but the demand is still out of control.  I had a lot of fun this year, but please go back to the mansion. High school homecoming flashbacks were not good for me.

However, my mixed feelings were washed away when I was handed a red cup filled with vodka sprite.  Just like a private house party, the liquor flowed like a public college.

via Lerin Lockwood

As rumors swirl that I just missed Aoki boating through the crowing, I turn around and see Aoki caking three people. That alone is better than any pie day the math geek in me has ever celebrated. The crowd explodes and the party continues till dawn.

There were a landslide more Bulls and Blackhawks hats than any other paraphernalia in the room.  I felt like I was partying at home. I get it. I get why the ILLMORE has become what it is. It’s a party for friends by some pretty awesome friends.

Line Up by Day:

Wednesday 3/13 : Big Sean, Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott

Thursday 3/14 :  Casey Veggies, G-Eazy, Dom Kennedy, Steve Aoki, Que, Trae the Truth, Dj Mr Rogers, OG Chase B, Mano, Brenmar, LOUDPVCK, Chuck Inglish, Future

Friday 3/15 : ASAP & YMCMB (ASAP Ferg, and Lil Wayne) Migos, Rob Banks, Denzel Curry, Dom Kennedy, Nicky Diamonds, Trinidad James, Trae, Lil Bib 

Big Shouts out to IllRoots, ScoreMore, Dim Mak, Squad Up, OWSLA, TAYLOR GANG, ASAP WORLDWIDE, AND YMCMB for putting on a great show.