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Melanie Fiona “Bite The Bullet”

Melanie Fiona’s lookin’ sharp and sexy in her new symbolic visual above for Awake‘s first single — “Bite The Bullet”. She dons a flowing black gown and cowboy hat for much of the visual, where she’s otherwise laying in bathtub of golden bullets. Her stunning looks aside, you also get a deeper meaning to the song as the weaponry turns into musical instruments. It’s well-executed too so give it a look/listen above and keep an eye out for more on Awake as summer turns to fall.

*Tibs Fav.


Melanie Fiona “Bite The Bullet (Acoustic)”

On the heels of, now last month’s new single “Bite The Bullet”, Melanie Fiona treats Y! Music to a special acoustic jam session performance of the song. Her vocals always translate well live and Fiona puts down some subtle additions in this live version. Click here for the performance, and here for their sit-down that talks about the single, her new album, Awake, and her Toronto group with a young Drake.

Phero “Awake” f/ Lomac & Martin Lopez

Life offers us an opportunity for redemption. An opportunity to overcome the odds we are dealt and gain a deeper understanding in life for who we are and what we want to become as a result of our experiences. These opportunities allow us to gain a sense of what our calling in life are and use our talents to help the world around us.

Pilsen emcee Phero’s calling has been blessing this world with his profound lyricism over symphony-like instrumentals. This urban philosopher from Chicago brings us his latest offering “Awake” featuring Lomac on vocals and accomplished violinist Martin Lopez. This release illustrates Phero’s his road to redemption in overcoming adversities and losses he has encountered as a man of color growing up in Pilsen. His experiences are filled with scars and wounds of losing friends to violence, leaving a bad relationship, and dropping bad habits that have molded him into the emcee he is now that is forging his own legacy and this is just one of many tracks we can expect from the young emcee that allows us to enter the kingdom he is creating.

This marks Phero’s second official release to a yet untitled project. The first single can be found here. There is also no release date of yet but we will be keeping you posted as more details emerge.