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The Weeknd in Toronto (Official Video)

Here’s the live video we like to see.

VEVO with the official capture of Weeknd’s homecoming concert in Toronto for the release of Beauty Behind The Madness. 700 lucky fans got to see him come home to the venue where he performed for the very first time — The Mod. Cool concept and the resulting visuals definitely showcase that.

I highlighted maybe my favorite song from Weeknd’s debut project 4 years ago “House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls” and it was cool to see how the band gave the production an added edge it didn’t even need. More songs are below so browse and enjoy, especially if you’re vibing with the new album.


The Weeknd ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ (Album Stream)

UPDATE: Stream the album officially here:


08.21.15: It’s here a week early as The Weeknd’s new LP, Beauty Behind The Madness, hits the interwebs and can be heard (for now) below.

Right off the bat, there’s an 80s pop vibe with electric guitar and even some horns on the production as we hear Weeknd sing on lighter topics over the lighter moods. It’s more towards “Earned It” than “Can’t Feel My Face” at the beginning, then followed up by previous singles “Often” and “The Hills”.

From there, the album continues to mix Weeknd’s dark, signature moods but very seldomly and only in elements. There’s more of a traditional R&B/pop sound with more MJ-esque slow jams to follow. More 80s rock/pop elements are prevalant too, including more from the electric guitar. The Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran collabs back to back were both solid, but it was “In The Night” that jumped to the top tier of my album favorites. Just off first impression, it’s easily a progression in Weeknd’s overall sound and it’s going to take more listens to see if it impacts for me the same way his past albums have immensely.

Give it your own first listen below.


Follow-Up on “In The Night” via the NYT interview:

For Tesfaye, ‘‘In the Night’’ was the sort of compromise he was excited to make, a glistening surface salving the wounds that are his stock in trade. When he first played the song for Ron Perry, the president of Songs Music Publishing, which handles Tesfaye’s publishing, Perry couldn’t contain himself: ‘‘It’s ‘Billie Jean’! It’s ‘Billie [expletive] Jean’!’’

Couldn’t agree more, and I think that’s why I like it so much. Billie Jean might be my favorite MJ tune if I had to pick one.

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The Weeknd covers Billboard

It’s The Weeknd’s world right now and the latest big look for him is the cover of Billboard, revealed today.

Also revealed are 5 revelations that tease the cover story and can be seen below. Click here for the full sneak peak and ICYMI below.

ICYMI: The Weeknd BBTM (Album Snippets) | “Tell Your Friends” [Music Video]


1. He Strives to Make His Mother Proud
Tesfaye dropped out of high school, and moved to downtown Toronto to focus on a career in music. “I couldn’t face her until I made something out of myself,” he tells Billboard, speaking about his Ethiopian-Canadian single mother. “I couldn’t go back home as a nobody.”

2. Michael Jackson Made Him Want to Be a Songwriter… and Get Emotional 
There’s a reason Tesfaye covered Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” (as “D.D.”) on his 2011 mixtape Echoes of Silence. “I got emotional,” he says, thinking back to the first time he read its lyrics. “It’s when I first knew I wanted to write songs.”

3. He Got a Little Nervous When Taylor Swift Brought Him Onstage 
When Taylor Swift brought Tesfaye onstage in July at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium during her “1989” tour stop, he was surprised by the crowd’s reaction: “When she introduced me and the whole stadium screamed their lungs out, it kind of threw me off. I did not expect that reaction.”

4. Topping the Hot 100 Hasn’t Been Easy
“The pop-star life is a new challenge,” Tesfaye admits to Billboard, referencing his whirlwind transformation from shrouded underground star to full-on pop star thanks to moments like collaborating with Ariana Grande on “Love Me Harder” and the No. 1 “Can’t Feel My Face.” Still, he insists his lyrics are based on his life. That includes losing his a Toronto apartment and staying with women he was led to believe were his girlfriends.

5. He Played the Major-Label Game Like a Chessmaster
After The Weeknd’s mixtape trilogy rocketed him to notoriety, the artist wasn’t overeager to sign with a label. In fact, he made the industry work for it. “I think from his perspective it was a chess game,” Republic A&R executive Nate Albert tells Billboard. Tesfaye is with Republic now, but back then, Albert had to chase him down on his home turf of Toronto, while he initially showed little interest in signing. Adds Albert: “The culture has come to him.”

The Weeknd “Tell Your Friends”

The Weeknd surprises today with a new video for the next single off Beauty Behind The Madness — “Tell Your Friends”, produced by Kanye West.

And for the visuals, Weeknd goes a lil “Flashing Lights” as you’ll see from the setting and actions that follow. The clip ends with the intro to the album: “Real Life” and concludes ambiguously.

I watched the video and wasn’t too moved initially one way or the other. …But now to watch it in the lens that perhaps there’s a hidden story in all of his videos…

EDIT: It made more sense in context of some of his previous videos with the old, creepy dude appearing once again. It’s as if Weeknd killed himself to cheat the devil of his soul… then killed the devil and started the album. What do you guys think?

BBTM drops this Friday. (Still about that “In The Night” the most…)

ICYMI: The Weeknd ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ (Album Stream)

The Weeknd ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ (Tracklist)

14 tracks, just 1 feature on The Weeknd’s hotly anticipated album dropping at the end of the month. It’s Lana Del Rey so I’m already lookin’ forward to how their vocals will mesh (wonderfully, I’m assuming.) Take a gander below and stay tuned today for my thoughts on Weeknd at Lolla here in Chicago!

UPDATE: Straight from The Weeknd himself, Ed Sheeran and Labrinth are also featured.