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Wiz Khalifa “Raw”

Wiz’s new video comes with an epilepsy warning and it’s easy to see why. The constant flashing is on full display as Wiz raps, and the visuals are delivered in a cool black/white/grey palette. My eyes got tired fast so perhaps that’s a sign of the concept working. Ha! “Raw” is off Blacc Hollywood.

ICYMI: Wiz Khalifa f/ Ty Dolla $ign “Refresh / Say No More”

Wiz Khalifa “Stayin Out All Night”

Wiz gets a little creative with the new video off Blacc Hollywood with this interactive clip for “Stayin Out All Night”. You can relive his crazy night by following the instructions at the beginning and choosing your own adventure with actress Tia Carrere (of “Wayne’s World” fame). Plus, now it’s not weird to see him with other models in this video. Too soon?

Wiz Khalifa ‘Blacc Hollywood Big Secret Tour’

No surprise to see a tour this Fall from Wiz Khalifa after this summer’s release of Blacc Hollywood. The aptly titled Wiz Khalifa ‘Blacc Hollywood Big Secret Tour’ is coming nationwide with multiple dates in select cities, as you can see above. I’m curious about what special guests and openers will accompany him… Stay tuned for the possibility of more details.