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Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora “Black Widow”

Song since removed.

Ah Iggy, why?! Black Widow was not my favorite from the Australian goddess herself. At one point I forgot that it was an Iggy Azalea song and thought, “Yo, Katy Perry is rapping? Who she chilling with? What kinda horse she riding nowadays and giving her all this inspiration?” And then it hit me, “Oh shit, it’s Iggy!”

Iggy has gone harder in tracks like Work and Fancy but this song reminded me too much of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse (maybe cause she co-wrote the song). The beats were mediocre and followed the typical trap beat with slow vocals. Meh. Her verses were okay, nothing on the grand scale as some of her verses in Fancy but still balanced Rita Ora’s vocals. For me, Rita Ora’s vocals stood out more than any of Iggy’s verses and were the high point of the entire song. So basically, this is more of a Rita Ora song than anything.

But I ain’t even mad at Iggy, we all gotta have that one money-making single out to bring in listeners. This song can definitely rank its way to being the Winter/Spring transition breakup song. I already foresee tons of bitter mamiz (and emotionally in tuned papiz) downloading and bumping this track during a emotional bubble bath or a five dollar foot long mid-cry session .

Even though this song wasn’t her best, I’m still excited for her first studio album, “The New Classic,” dropping April 21st. This girl is turning into a power player and with so much bullshit and setbacks, she’s definitely going to dominate one way or another.

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