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Blended Babies f/ Asher Roth & Buddy “Sayin’ Whatever”

Anytime artists have a fun time playing mini golf in their music video, I’ll be a fan.

That’s just what the Babies, Asher, and Buddy do for the chill, feel-good jam “Sayin’ Whatever” above. As enjoyable as the mini golf video is above, so is this throwback of Jimmy Butler playin’ mini golf.


Blended Babies “North Korea” f/ Donnie Trumpet

The release of this single has been over year in the making as Blended Babies unite forces with Donnie Trumpet to drop this smooth instrumental “North Korea”. More on this release below.

This is about a year and a half old. Just a random jam made when Donnie was at the crib. We originally named it North Korea because of some news headline at the time. Played it for a ton of A-list and underground artists and they all loved it but everyone kept telling us to put it out as an instrumental because they loved it as is. It is the first single off of a new Blended Babies instrumental album thats finished that we are releasing in 2015. Due to recent headlines we felt the world needed this. Fuck censorship of any kind. Freedom of expression is essential to keeping our culture and society honest. Let the audience decide whats worth watching and listening to. #TEAMAMERICA 

Kid Cudi & King Chip “Chillen While We Sippin'”

Well this is a nice Friday night surprise.

Remember circa 2010, Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper (now, King Chip) planned a collab project under the moniker Almighty GloryUS. Said Cleveland project never was released for whatever reason, but tonight we get an unreleased track from the two, produced by the Blended Babies & Chuck Inglish.

The combo sounds even better now, doesn’t it?

It translates below as Rich from Blended Babies dropped it tonight, even though as he says “cudi hates me anyways.” He believes that strongly in the music that it trumps whatever beef there may be.

Hey, an unreleased track has never really done any harm anyway amirite? “Chillen While We Sippin” is very solid too with Cud and Chip in vintage form and the beat being my favorite highlight of the track. Listen below…


Blended Babies f/ Asher Roth & Buddy “Sayin Whatever”

Don’t be “Sayin Whatever” to this new single from the Blended Babies. Fresh beat, first and foremost. Minimal layers and a head nodding rhythm are instantly infectious. Buddy & Asher Roth lace some sweet verses too with Buddy first spittin’ some thought-provoking lines as it progressed (any jab at the government is great.) And then Asher Roth puts his down his signature lazy, monotone flow and kills it with the alliteration. His longer verse is fun, clever, and spits some substance too. Great start for the Blended Babies’ upcoming project.

*Tibs Fav.

Twoiney Lo “Same Ol Tears” (prod. Blended Babies)

Baltimore MC Twoiney Lo drops a heartfelt single off his upcoming project “Hungry For Greatness”. This track really surprised me, mainly of how hard Twoiney ripped the mic, he said some real ass shit. I am a fan of the beat, I really was digging the sample the producer used. I will just let you guys judge the track for yourself but Twoiney did his thing here. Stay tuned for his upcoming project as well.