Gemstones “God In Rome (Freestyle)”

Gemstones is at it again with another quick-hitting, impressive weekly release ahead of his upcoming album, Blind Elephant.

This one is called the “God In Rome (Freestyle)” — all raps that actually won’t appear on the album. That’s because it’s truly a freestyle wherein Gem even reflects on some old times watching the Super Bowl with Hov (while Bey did the Halftime Show) and cites the uncredited hook on “Pressure” — the Lupe & Jay Z collab off Food & Liquor. Hmm… always thought he shoulda got the credit there; after all, he kills the singing on that hook per usual.

Anyway, listen closely up above and then catch up below. Blind Elephant May 5th.

ICYMI: “Temple” | “New World” | “Lyrical Miracle”

Gemstones “Temple”

On the heels of last week’s rap/sung a capella preview of Blind Elephant, Gemstones hits us with another one that’s just as impressive. “Temple” centers around his relationship with God so this raw video format is a really strong way to show Gem’s ultra emotion. The raps are thought-provoking, and perhaps relatable, and then the singing at the end is both poignant and graceful. I love the last line to wrap it all up.

Watch the quick-hit 2 minute video above before pre-ordering Blind Elephant by May 5th. Hopefully we see more of these in the next couple of weeks.

ICYMI: “New World” (Video) | “Lyrical Miracle”

Gemstones “New World”

The bad news: Gemstones’ new album, Blind Elephant was supposed to drop today. But Gem himself found out the news within the last week that the album is now pushed back to May 5th. So we’ll have to wait a little longer…

The good news: you can pre-order the album on iTunes (so it looks like that’s it for push-backs) AND enjoy a sick new 2 minute a cappella called “New World” up above.

“New World” will act as track 05 on the 12 track opus and may or may not feature production on the upcoming album version. No matter because, per usual, Gemstones delivers a hard-hitting message with a minute and a half of break-neck raps. He follows that up with some soulful singing about, well, not selling your soul. I love it as Gem hits the right notes as always. For as talented a rapper as Gemstones is, I’ve always considered him as one of the best true singers in the game too. “New World” only adds to the resume. Watch above!

*Tibs Fav.

ICYMI: Gemstones “Lyrical Miracle”