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Gemstones “Circles”

My reason for writing “Circles” was to bring more awareness of black on black crime in our communities. Knowing I can’t change the world but if I reach one my job is done.

– Gemstones

Gemstones is back! Here’s the first release of new music since he went into the studio for his Xist Music debut album and he makes a statement with “Circles”. As he says above, he tackles black on black crime with the song and video, and while we’ve certainly seen a few Chicago artists take their hand at the topic lately, Gem takes it to another level.

To describe how would spoil the video, which takes a turn about halfway through. In usual Gemstones fashion, it takes just one listen to be engaged into his fast-pace storytelling and follow along as things escalate after the set-up. Job well done across the board and a great first preview of Blind Elephant, set for a February 24th, 2015 release!

*Tibs Fav.