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Alex Wiley “Booty Club (Goin Dumb Again)”

Some additional yaboyery from Alex Wiley this week as he releases “Booty Club (Goin Dumb Again)”. More information on the origin of the song below.

Noisey: Tell me about this song, “Booty Club.”

Alex Wiley: It’s a song that I made in a hotel room. I had this bodyguard on the East Coast tour, and he used to come in the hotel rooms like late as shit at night, like on some 4 AM shit, and we’d just be like ‘where were you?’ And he’s like ‘man, I was just in the booty club’ and shit. And one random night he comes in at like 5 AM, waking everybody up, and we’re like ‘where were you?’ and he’s like ‘the booty club, going dumb again’ and it was like the funniest shit I had heard in that moment, the booty club going dumb.